Koi Ponds by SunStyle

Beauty by Design

We are a licensed, bonded and insured swimming pool builder and landscape provider that also specializes in beautiful Koi ponds. Why do we also specialize in Koi ponds? That's simple. It's our passion! We love the majesty of Koi ponds, the connection to our Creator and peace and joy they provide to our clients!

What We Do

Pond Construction
Living Jewel Pond by SunStyle aims to build the highest quality Koi ponds with the lowest amount of maintenance. We want our clients to spend most of their time enjoying their beautiful pond rather than spending hours maintaining it!
Pond Design
We offer a personalized pond design service. We use the #1 design software for the aquatics industry and can help you with a 2D or 3D drawing, image or video to envision a new or renovated pond on your property. We are limited only by your imagination.
We offer ongoing maintenance for those clients that would rather spend 100% of their time enjoying their pond! Rates vary on several factors. Please call us for a no-obligation site visit to evaluate the needs of your pond and the weekly or monthly cost for us to maintain it for you.